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Overview of the game Magic World 2

Magic World 2 brings together all the key elements of popular fantasy MMORPGs such as WoW, Lineage II and Diablo. The project is quite compact in size, and therefore very full of interesting events. Almost every character in the game offers you several interesting tasks at once. In this case, you can get to the place of the quest automatically.

In addition to tasks, the game provides for the possibility of building various buildings and fortresses, thanks to which you can increase the performance of your guild. In addition, to gain experience, you can even create your own bosses in the dungeons, so that you can kill them later.

Guild battles are considered the most important component of Magic World 2. They end with the winning side getting all the resources of the losers. The defeated guild is completely disbanded and starts all over again. In addition to guild battles, boss battles and various types of PvP are available in the game. You can read about them on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

History of creation

The developers of almost all games in the mmorpg genre always rely on the same ideals in the face of World of Warcraft and Lineage II. However, it is far from always possible to make something even remotely similar to these masterpieces. At the same time, the creators of Magic World 2 almost succeeded. Of course, their brainchild is not as hardcore as Lineage II and not as voluminous as WoW. But, at the same time, this game turned out to be much more interesting and balanced compared to many Asian clones.

Game features

Magic World 2 is notable for its rather small size of locations, which leads to a high concentration of quests. Here you can find tasks for every taste: merchants want to punish robbers, blacksmiths offer rewards for finding missing things, grocers urgently need ingredients for potions, and soldiers are looking for huge insect shells. In general, the quests in Magic World 2 are quite extraordinary and interesting. It is all the more convenient that you are immediately taken to the place of the task.


Despite the abundance of various monsters and interesting quests, PvP battles are the leading entertainment here. After reaching a certain level, the player has the opportunity to organize a guild and build his own fortress with additional buildings. As you expand, all sorts of shops, taverns, and boss dungeons will spawn around the castle.

Guild Battles

Guild battles in Magic World 2 look really bloody and exciting. In this case, the winner gets all the resources, and the losing side will be forced to fight first. Interestingly, you can fight here not only between castles, but also in open areas. For this, open fields are used, where all kinds of raid bosses usually live.


The game provides more than a dozen classes that have a good balance. Also, the crafting system is diverse, which provides players with a wide variety of sets, weapons and amulets. At the same time, each type of weapon can be improved using one of six ways. This diversity can be the envy of many AAA games.


Of course, Magic World 2 may seem like a clone to some, and it will be quite justified. However, this is the case when the clone turned out to be quite successful. Indeed, the game Magic World 2 is worth spending time on it.

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