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Overview of Magic World Online

Magic World Online is a 2D style MMORPG. It features quite typical gameplay and original graphics in the style of Ancient Egypt. Although, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, there are many things here, thanks to which the game can successfully stand out against the background of many similar not entirely successful projects.

Project Features

First of all, Magic World Online has an interesting built-in video chat. With it, you can not only send each other various emoticons and all kinds of virtual flowers, but also see your friend visually.

In addition, an important feature of the game is the full automation of most game events. In particular, your hero will automatically move between maps, aim and collect loot. In principle, if the creators would add an automatic grind to the game, then Magic World Online would become completely self-sufficient and could freely do without players. Apparently, the creators of the project decided that the main playing time you gamers will talk to each other. Therefore, in order not to distract players from conversations, they tried to simplify the gameplay as much as possible. The third key feature of the game can be considered moving castles. Yes, it is mobile fortresses that play the role of real mobile bases here. They are the most important strategic objects in large-scale clan battles.

Also, do not forget about the constantly improved weapons, which will increase their characteristics as they are used. That is, the more you use your sword in battle, the stronger it will become. In addition, you can quickly change the class of your character at any stage of the game. All these features could attract hundreds of gamers, but not in our universe, but in some kind of parallel world. However, the creators decided to save on graphics and paid for it right away, because the project did not go through without a good picture. True, the Oldcool Games studio has already decided to start developing a sequel. There is an opinion that it will look much better than its predecessor. In general, it is assumed that the game can become three-dimensional.

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