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Magic World is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG with a classic Fight Club-style (hit/block) combat system and text-based gameplay. The project was released in 2005 and at that time offered a deep character leveling system, interesting gameplay and huge locations. Today, the Magic World lives only thanks to its devoted fans, since it has not been able to offer anything new for a long time.

Although, if the bearded oldfags still decide to enter the game, then it may even surprise them with the presence of as many as twelve races, the same number of characteristics for heroes that improve as the game progresses, as well as a huge number of peaceful and combat abilities that have pumping. Battles here can take place in single and group modes. There is also an in-depth guild system, thanks to which players can receive bonuses from being in guilds.

In general, if we compare the Magical World with other similar browsers that have survived to our time, it remains one of the leaders in this genre, offering players everything that is described above.

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