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Manyland is a pixelated 2D browser game with no story, no graphics, but an infinite world and an in-game editor. Anyone who decides to plunge into the world of the game is guaranteed complete freedom of thought and action. You can change the appearance of the character, draw, compose music, create weapons of the future and break them, build unimaginable buildings from blocks or throw a pool party with naked girls.

There are five worlds in Manyland and they are all endless. The ability to create items is unlimited, since all blocks are performed by players. Someone will fly on a dragon, another will create a spaceship resembling a medieval castle, someone will want to turn into a robot throwing exploding pigs. For behavior and creativity, players receive feedback from neighbors, and the higher the character's karma, the more opportunities he is given. But if you got a lot of minuses, then you will have to forget about construction and communication.

Those who managed to reach the fifth level are given the right to create creative zones - these are separate locations where only characters chosen by the owner can use items. In fact, it all comes down to building an obstacle course or fantastic castles with a bunch of junk.

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