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MapleStory game overview

Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: March 1, 2004
Game class / Title: A
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

It's hard to understand why a game as simple and unattractive as Maplestory could become so popular with gamers worldwide. This was repeatedly written on the MMOTOP.ORG website. The game features a two-dimensional picture, flat characters, and primitive gameplay. Of course, this does not meet the criteria of a modern MMORPG game in any way. However, during its existence, this project has become very popular not only in South Korea, where it was invented, but also in European countries and America.

Maplestory, developed by Nexon, is a vibrant, side-scrolling MMORPG that has captured the hearts of millions since its initial release on April 29, 2003. Available on multiple platforms including Microsoft Windows and iOS, the game has maintained a strong presence in the gaming community for over a decade. The developers invested approximately two years in the creation of Maplestory, targeting a younger audience with its colorful, anime-inspired graphics and straightforward gameplay mechanics. The game has seen substantial growth, with an estimated 1 million players logging in daily and a yearly player base of around 10 million. Throughout its lifetime, Maplestory has amassed a player base of over 100 million registered users globally.

Game World

The Maplestory game world is divided into several continents. The Explorers live on the Maple Island continent. Mainland Victoria Island includes eight cities, and Ossyria - has seven large regions. The game even has a unique huge World Tour area, where you can find various locations from real life, such as Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia.


The game starts on the so-called floating island, where all newcomers appear. After completing the starting quests and mastering the main features of the gameplay, the player can choose his character class. Maplestory currently has twelve classrooms. Like many other MMORPG games, Maplestory's gameplay includes constant monster battles, monster battles, quests, and trading.

Maplestory offers the opportunity to play alone and in a team of players. There are guilds, an item market, and even a few mini-games. Unfortunately, there is no PvP option in the game. This is because the project was initially developed as a standard side-scroller designed mainly for children. This explains the absence of such an important component. That is why the graphics in Maplestory are more like games from the period of eight-bit consoles.


However, in Maplestory, this is not the main thing. The most beautiful thing here is a fun and active community, which has grown significantly since the introduction of the successful Adventures add-on, designed for Facebook. The game's creators brag about the figure of 60 million, although this is not entirely believable. However, this is an imposing number if so many registered accounts are in the game.


Maplestory, despite its simplistic graphics and initial impression of being outdated, has managed to build a loyal and enthusiastic community. The game's strength lies in its engaging content, frequent updates, and a vast array of character customization options. The social aspects and collaborative gameplay make it a unique experience in the MMORPG genre. However, the lack of PvP elements and the repetitive nature of quests can be seen as drawbacks. Overall, Maplestory has secured its place in the hearts of many, offering a nostalgic yet continually evolving experience. Based on its popularity and extensive player base, we rate Maplestory 65 out of 100.


What platforms is Maplestory available on?

Maplestory is available on Microsoft Windows and iOS platforms.

How many players does Maplestory have?

Maplestory has an estimated 1 million daily players and a yearly player base of around 10 million. Throughout its lifetime, it has over 100 million registered users globally.

Does Maplestory support PvP gameplay?

No, Maplestory does not support PvP gameplay. It was initially developed as a standard side-scroller mainly for children, which explains the absence of PvP features.

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Game information last update: 26.01.2024

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