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Marvel Heroes Omega
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Overview of the game Marvel Heroes Omega

So, very, very soon, the expected release of the game called Marvel Heroes is planned. Despite the fact that the specific release date of the online game has not yet been disclosed, a lot of details are already known regarding the available opportunities for players. Recall also that this model is being developed under the supervision of Gazillion Entertainment, the owner of which once worked on the creation of the Diabolo. Access to the beta version will be absolutely free, the only paid item will be only the accelerated leveling of the character.

What to expect

In Marvel Heroes, players will be waiting for a dynamically developing plot, generously flavored with a variety of fights. It should be noted that randomly generated dungeons, along with random loot, are aimed at ensuring that when a player tries to return to an already cleared territory, he will be met there by new monsters and completely different temperature and other conditions. With all this, each creature will differ from the previous one not only in external data, but also in individual characteristics, weaknesses and combat features, so it will be problematic to prepare in advance for a meeting with them.


The life of each hero will take place at several speeds, where some will fight monsters, others will meet with their own kind in agreed places and pre-established zones. Here they will exchange information, goods or receive new tasks from their heads. In addition, each quest will be part of the overall plot, as a result of which the player will unwittingly be completely immersed in the virtual world.


It is already known in advance that the developers plan to provide users of this version with the opportunity to play for each character. Fortunately, there will be a lot of them, as it is planned to introduce all the famous Marvels in the world. It will even be possible to control several heroes at once, although this bonus is generously flavored with a minus, since switching from one hero to another will take a lot of time. It is not specified how to be players if several people wish to play at once, for example, to play as Spider-Man. However, the class system partially solves this problem. It is also interesting that events will be randomly generated in the game, and the characters will be able to change their appearance. True, at the same time, you will have to earn money for new costumes in order to be able to at least repaint, say, a black raincoat blue. On the MMOTOP.ORG website, you can already explore all the features of the new online game Marvel Heroes.

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