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Master of Meteor Blades is an online game in the Wuxia genre that focuses on spectacular fights, the player's ability to perform combos, acrobatic stunts, and PvP. By and large, the game's meaning lies in the battles between players in various arenas and battlegrounds, while PvE content was not originally planned. Later, when the game fell into the hands of publisher Tencent, the developers began to refine their offspring, introducing new elements such as hardcore PvE dungeons with traps and much more.

There are six PvP modes: 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, Capture the Flag, Shooting (battle with remote weapons), and Siege (battleground with objects). PvP maps (arenas) will initially be about six. There are six game classes, and even less is known about PvE. According to the available information, players are waiting for various activities: survival arenas, boss arenas, complex acrobatic dungeons with traps, ordinary monster dungeons, etc. Master of Meteor Blades is built on the principle of session projects: you are given a lobby (perhaps the entry will be replaced with a regular city), where you can select the desired type and mode of play.

Alas, time is relentless, and the game's protracted development has led to the fact that Master of Meteor Blades was graphically outdated long before its release.

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