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Melting World Online
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Overview of the game Melting World Online

Melting World Online is a turn-based mech strategy set in a post-apocalyptic setting. Initially, the game was free and launched through a browser, but since 2018 it has appeared on Steam on a paid basis.

According to the plot, a global cataclysm destroyed almost all of humanity on Earth and made it uninhabitable. The survivors were able to escape on a spaceship and settled on a suitable planet. Over time, the quality of life began to improve: farms, factories, new cities were built. And everything was fine until the rulers unleashed a destructive war using combat robots - furs.

The gameplay of Melting World Online is turn-based, with the possibility of upgrading and pumping combat vehicles and their pilots. There is a big world, quests, technology research, trade between players, as well as the ability to produce new mechs. You can play with four or participate in PvP arena and duels in 1v1 format.

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