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Review of the game Meridian 59: Evolution

Meridian 59: Evolution is one of the oldest MMORPG games that has been mentioned on the MMOTOP.ORG website many times. This game was designed for PvP from the very beginning. It was first shown in 1996, and in 2002 it was fully updated.

The plot of the game

The plot of Meridian 59: Evolution takes players to the fantasy world of the Nexus, which is a unique empire. It is interesting in that force meridians began to appear here, which went to great distances, attracting wanderers. Some individuals were even able to use their energy field to move not only in space, but also in time. All this has led to the fact that the Nexus has become a real center of the commercial, cultural and political life of the universe. At the same time, scientists were able to designate completely new distant worlds on their maps. The richest and largest of them turned out to be the world located on meridian 59. A real catastrophe occurred here, which cut off all ties of this territory with the empire. This is where the players will need to start their journey.

Character Development

When creating characters in Meridian 59: Evolution, you need to remember that there is no division into classes. Each hero has the right to learn any skills in unlimited quantities. As the main opponents there will be monsters that will need to be killed selectively. This is due to the fact that Meridian 59: Evolution has the concept of karma, so if you destroy the wrong monsters, you will definitely get some problems.

A similar system also applies to the destruction of living characters, although this usually does not stop anyone. Those heroes who kill other players can be recognized by the ominous bright red color of their weapons. Of course, this game is far from new, and therefore a lot of similar killers walk around the gaming spaces, who simply have nothing to do and they kill heroes for fun. True, there are other ways to interest gamers. For example, if you die, you can start the game over. You can also become a deity and leave the game world forever.

Character death

Of course, the death of a character in Meridian 59: Evolution is a serious event, as it leads to the complete loss of property and skills. However, after going through the reincarnation procedure, you can re-learn all the skills. However, things still have to be mined again. Therefore, if you want to die in battle, fighting bravely, then it is better to have a comrade near you who can pick up the dropped items.


In general, despite the frankly weak appearance, externally Meridian 59: Evolution impresses with its hardcore, which is visible in every element of the game. It is on this factor that the whole game has been based for more than a decade.

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