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Mesolithic is a free online browser game set between the Paleolithic and Neolithic (Stone Age) periods. At that time, the natives had never heard of such things as gunpowder, bullets, metal and used only stone axes, spears and bone arrows.

The game perfectly recreates the unique atmosphere of primitiveness with its dense forests, undeveloped territories and wild animals. In this world, we are assigned the role of stupid barbarians who perfectly own a club and do not know how to control emotions. At first, you have to survive with the help of crafts and studying the habits of local living creatures, in the future, you can engage in a war for territories. Fights here can take place with the participation of up to 10 people both in special PvP locations and in real-time arenas.

Also in the Mesolithic there are such interesting features as: career growth to the leader, trade with the help of stones, a large number of professions, a complex crafting relationship system that allows you to create things by entire clans, and much more.

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