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Metin 2 game review

The Gameforge studio has always been able to make high-quality browser games designed for office workers. However, this company decided to develop client games. All this led to the emergence of an interesting game called Metin 2. This project was based on the motives of the popular Korean 2D entertainment. You can find all the details about the project on the MMOTOP.ORG website.


The plot of the game Metin 2 is based on the fall of a strange meteorite on our planet, which was called the Stone of Metin. As a result of the fall of a meteorite, a large-scale infection of all life on Earth arose. People have turned into zombies and animals have become monsters. However, it got even worse, as other similar stones began to fall.

In order to somehow fight this infection, people began to unite in factions. However, in reality, the goal of each kingdom was to capture the territories that were still habitable. According to the plot, there are three factions in the game: Dender, Milgaard and Listmos. In the fight against a new plague, a certain Divine Dragon suddenly began to help people, who endowed people with magical abilities.


The gameplay of the Metin 2 project is based on the struggle of three kingdoms with their own goals. The developers of the game decided not to make AI the leader of the faction, giving this opportunity to the players. All this led to the emergence of the king mode, which gives one user absolute power over the entire faction. It is clear that it is very difficult to get such a post. At the same time, other gamers can easily overthrow a ruler who no longer satisfies them. The duties of the head of state include not only the solution of organizational issues, but also the management of the imperial army in battles. This is an important part of the game and helps a lot in the epic battles against the monsters spawned by the Metin Stone.

Character Development

Character development is carried out due to its active pumping. In Metin 2, for this purpose, you need to kill as many monsters as possible. In order to create the appearance of a crowd, monsters attack three or four mobs. To fight off such groups, the game provides an interesting combat system. It helps the hero to spin and maneuver, fighting off the next pack of mobs. The result is a rather bright and fun battle. However, it is desirable for developers to refine the special effects to make the game even brighter.


All in all, Metin 2 is a fairly simple game, as evidenced by the size of the client. It is quite small for an mmorpg game and weighs up to 500 Mb. At the same time, the developers were not going to create a project that claims to be an AAA-class supergame. Metin 2 is much more suitable as office entertainment.

Thus, it can be argued that the developers have succeeded in a fairly simple and relatively small game in the mmorpg genre. Here you do not need to spend hours crafting things or collecting ingredients for a potion. Therefore, playing Metin 2 is primarily entertainment, not work.

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