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Minions of Mirth
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Still, there are excellent people in this gaming world who have shown by their own example that creating a quality game can be an ordinary group of enthusiasts. A multiplayer role-playing game called Minions of Mirth came out thanks to such enthusiasts. This game has a large number of awards in its arsenal, and many developers of the indie game genre have recognized this product as a benchmark.

Minions of Mirth features

In this funny toy, there are three "playing fields" called kingdoms. These are the factions of Monsters, Darkness and Light. Each of the associations is at war with the others, and the entire gameplay is as balanced as possible in order to prevent a critical imbalance between the forces. The player is given 16 character classes to choose from, among which there are bards, tanks, supports, etc. A smart character creation system makes it possible to choose among many races (their number is twelve). These are traditional races - elves, gnomes, hobbits, and such specific Persians as titans. Among the unequivocal pluses of the game, there is also a heaped up system for crafting items, a huge number of special items and skills. You can get a stream of excellent information about online games on our excellent site MMOTOP.ORG.

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