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Mirror War
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Overview of the game Mirror War

Mirror War is a fairly non-standard arcade shooter, which was created by the Korean company L&K Logic. Despite the fact that the game is currently in open beta testing, its creators presented the project at G-Star 2012 as their main achievement. The game differs from direct competitors in the presence of a large number of MMO elements. For example, in Valkyrie Sky, which we previously wrote about on the MMOTOP.ORG website, these elements were practically absent. There are really a lot of them in Mirror War, although it was originally assumed that the game was created exclusively for slot machines.

Game features

The main and most pleasant feature of this furious shooter is the ability to quickly change the direction of your hero. In this aspect, Mirror War managed to move away from the traditional "danmaku". By the way, "danmaku" is an unusual variety of Korean games in which characters can evade hordes of various monsters and simultaneously destroy them. Basically, these games are just regular side-scrollers with a top-down view and a unique Asian style.


In general, we are offered another two-dimensional meat shooter with a large number of MMO elements, which include crafting and pumping heroes.

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