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Monarch: Heroes of a New Age
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Review of the game Monarch: Heroes of a New Age

Monarch: Heroes of a New Age is a rather interesting mix of genres. Within the framework of the project, a well-known MMORPG system and a global strategy met in which the player controls legions of bots. The visual shell of the game is far from perfect and outwardly looks outdated for a couple of generations: untidy textures, indistinct animation, and you can not talk about the development of landscapes at all.

Despite these undoubted disadvantages, the game is still a rather extraordinary product. First of all, thanks to the epic battles, on the fields of which up to two hundred players can easily clash. Secondly, thanks to the Maius engine, which draws battles using up to ten thousand units!

Of course, the numbers are not breathtaking. The Total War series, for example, provides for battles with up to fifty thousand units (and all this in a chic graphic design). The thing is that, unlike Total War, Monarch is not a strategy in its classical sense.

What's the Difference?

As mentioned earlier, Monarch: Heroes of a New Age is a mixture of strategy and MMORPG. It is thanks to the latter that a character is at the head of the game. In addition to pumping the hero, of course you have to collect, equip, train and drill your personal army. Which then, by the way, can easily be sold to another player. At the same time, it is the hero who is the main character on the battlefield and no army of many thousands will save if your Persian is naked and not pumped, and the enemy, on the contrary, is in top-end equipment and pumped up like on steroids.

And precisely for this reason, the game pays a lot of attention to networking and joining various guilds and alliances. After all, who else will cover your back, if not a faithful comrade?

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