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What could be better than running through beautiful terrain and exterminating giant fantasy creatures in every possible way? Naturally, to stop them shoulder to shoulder with other fanatics armed to the teeth of this cause. Most likely, this is precisely what the developers from Capcom and Tencent decided to do and set about creating a joint multiplayer project Monster Hunter Online.

However, it is too early for russian (the terrorist state) fans of the series to rejoice since the great minds from these mega-corporations, for some reason, came to the conclusion that Western players would get by for the time being and announced the project as an exclusive for the domestic Asian market.

First, the new third-person MMORPG emphasizes the extermination of prehistoric monsters of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The monotony of the fauna does not threaten the players since the bestiary is replenished with enviable regularity, and marketers advertise the appearance of each new animal as something incredible. Monsters are scattered across different habitats and react to natural / weather conditions. For example, monsters can freeze or go blind in a blizzard, leave with the arrival of a drought, hide in a thunderstorm, change their behavior, etc.

Thanks to the performance and manufacturability of the third-generation Cry Engine, each monster has acquired a realistic study of the visual part and, most importantly, a wound system. The fights are executed in a predictable Asian-colorful style, which entails a cascade of tricks, screams, sparks, and fireworks of special effects.

The characters in Monster Hunter Online are similar to their counterparts from the single-player version but have become prettier and have acquired an impressive baggage of weapons of destruction. Another feature MHO adopted from its console predecessor is tactical combat, with the need to set traps and use all sorts of devices to defeat giant monsters.

However, Monster Hunter Online remains a standard MMORPG with the grind, quests, and all the other attributes of the classic representatives of the genre. The editors of MMOTOP.ORG hope that greed will still make "Capcom" think about their neighbors from the far west and bring the game to us.

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