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Review of the game Moon Breakers

Many space projects of the nineties finally got their followers. One of these games was Moon Breakers, which is a space simulator. Here you can find yourself in an alternative future, in which, in addition to planets and constellations, there are two powerful factions - the law-abiding Government and the Pirates. The conflict flared up mainly because of the mineral Helium-3. Recall that it is this helium that scientists are trying to find on the moon.

Game Features

As you already understood, in Moon Breakers a lot of attention will be paid to the PvP mode. At the same time, players will be able to choose one of four classes of combat spaceships. It offers three types of fighters of varying severity and bombers. In total, there are 19 combat vehicles in Moon Breakers. However, to open them you will have to say goodbye to a certain amount of real money. For free, you will only have access to the F-3 Mamba mobile fighter and the B-7 Rhino bomber.

Maps and modes

In total, Moon Breakers offers three locations for battles and three combat modes. In particular, there is a capture the flag mode, the hunt for the mother ship of the enemy, and team battles. At the same time, here, in order to destroy enemies, you will need to make full use of your virtual wallet. You will receive money for the opponents you destroyed in space. With these virtual funds, you will be able to equip your ship with the latest military technology. This traditional principle leads to the appearance in space of huge accumulations of scrap metal.


The Moon Breakers project appeared back in May 2012 and during this time has already managed to win many fans around the world. Among the advantages of the game are clear controls, interesting gameplay, design in a retro-futuristic style and an excellent musical soundtrack of The Walking Dead performed by Bear McReary. Therefore, you just have to register and get access to control your spaceship.

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