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Mortal Online game overview

Mortal Online
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: February 16, 2010
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unreal Engine 3
Star Vault

Every year more and more new online games come out in the gaming industry, but the finished project does not always meet the expectations of the players. In the MMO segment, such embarrassing moments have happened more than once. In 2008, the Swedish studio Star Vault called Mortal Online faced a similar problem, but at the same time, having found an alternative solution to the problem, the company provides MMOTOP.ORG website visitors with a much improved version of the game for acquaintance.

The authors created an amazing idea worthy of respect from professional experts and ordinary enthusiastic gamers, created on the Unreal Engine 3, similar to the legendary game Ultima Online. The game surprised with its innovations, interesting thesis. In 2010, open beta testing took place, which caused bewilderment among many experienced players, the game actually had no similarity with the Ultima Online game.

Genre Mortal Online

In the game Mortal Online, everything is like in real life - there is a struggle for survival. Now the essence of the game is to acquire skills and abilities, as well as improve them through the system of self-education. Since you can’t learn everything, your hero needs to choose what he needs.

At the initial stage, the player needs to decide what his character will do. The characteristics of the hero will be influenced not only by age, but also by external data. The surprises don't end there. Compared to other similar games in this game, you can conduct an “experiment” and create a super-character by mixing several races in it, or even create an indestructible mutant.


The player needs to choose one of the cities. The most terrible thing begins when you are thrown in an unfamiliar place near the middle of nowhere without prompting, without any explanation, and, most offensively, without the slightest knowledge of how to survive in these harsh conditions. There will be someone in the game who wants to destroy your character RK (player killer), so during the game you will have to find the answer to the question of how to rise from the dead. The respawn process in the game is very unusual.

Everything in the world of the dead is in black and white. To get out of this hole, your character needs to go a long way and overcome many obstacles. On the horizon, you will see a luminous pillar looming, which will tell you the location of the nearest priest.


Being alive, it is very difficult to navigate in space. Moving around in the game is quite problematic without a compass, without a map. It must be borne in mind that the player's endurance is limited, and this is precisely what causes a lot of difficulties in finding the desired object.

The game requires the utmost attention from the player. For example, if you didn’t notice a buffalo in the thicket of the forest, then this does not mean that the danger has passed and you will survive. As for the developers of the game, they pleased us with their high-quality design and created all the conditions that cause “thrill” sensations during the game, this was especially noted in cities.

Character Enhancement

To survive, the character needs knowledge and skills, constant self-development. Your hero will need books that are not so easy to get by knocking them out from rabbits and deer. To train a character, you need to spend more than six hours, as in real life, studying all the details thoroughly, and don't forget about PvP.

At will, each hero has the right to spend one thousand points given to him in reserve. It is worth remembering that there will not be enough points for all skills, and you will feel this shortage by specializing in only one profession.

Survival System

The action develops in the first person, which is very rare for this genre of MMORPG. It is worth noting that thieves' activities are very promoted in the game: killing, "robbing caravans" - all this is in the order of things. You can do this everywhere, except in big cities, where criminal acts are punished by guards.

The player should always be extremely careful and prudent. The player may not immediately notice the theft, since there is no all-round visibility and it is almost impossible to notice how the thieves are doing their dirty deeds.

However, today the Mortal Online game has taken a strong position and today it is developing quite quickly among other projects. This game will be especially appreciated by those who like to play actively, participating in a “mental battle” with the enemy, finding answers through knowledge and surviving with the help of mindfulness and caution. This is exactly what will appeal to true hardcore fans who are ready to fight worthy opponents, participating in fierce invasions.

Developer and Platform Details

Mortal Online was developed by the Swedish studio Star Vault. The game was first released in June 2010. It is available on the PC platform and can be accessed through Steam. The game utilizes the Unreal Engine 3, providing a visually rich and immersive experience for players. Development of the game took approximately two years, targeting the hardcore MMORPG audience who enjoy complex and challenging gameplay.

On average, Mortal Online sees around 5,000 players actively engaging in the game daily, with a yearly estimate of around 1.8 million players. Since its release, the game has amassed a player base of approximately 500,000 users.

MMOTOP.ORG Editorial Review

Mortal Online is an ambitious MMORPG that aims to deliver a hardcore survival experience. The game shines with its focus on realism and complex mechanics, offering a unique challenge compared to other games in the genre. The character customization and skill development systems are particularly noteworthy, providing players with a deep and engaging gameplay experience.

However, the game is not without its flaws. The steep learning curve and lack of intuitive guidance can be daunting for new players. Navigation and endurance management add an extra layer of difficulty that may not appeal to everyone. The game’s graphics, while impressive, could benefit from updates to keep up with modern standards.

Overall, Mortal Online is a solid choice for hardcore MMORPG enthusiasts but may be overwhelming for casual players. We rate Mortal Online at 55 out of 100.


What platforms is Mortal Online available on?

Mortal Online is available on the PC platform and can be accessed through Steam.

When was Mortal Online released?

Mortal Online was first released in June 2010.

How many players are active in Mortal Online daily?

On average, around 5,000 players are active in Mortal Online daily.

What is the player base of Mortal Online since its release?

Since its release, Mortal Online has amassed a player base of approximately 500,000 users.

Game information last update: 01.05.2024

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