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Music Man Online (XD)
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Overview of Music Man Online

Sequel to the super popular social dance MMO game 5street (known to us as Para Pa). Initially, the project was called 5street 2, but the developers from Snail Game made so many changes to the concept that, in the end, they decided to abandon the old name. Now the game is called Music Man Online.

Music Man Online will introduce you to a world where music, technology, and magic are intertwined. The central part of the gameplay comes down to dancing, which can be performed through mini-games - arrows, buttons, and precise mouse clicks. Currently, there are six game modes: Classic, Rhythm, Beat, Slash, Freestyle, and Team Battle.

The player creates the character himself. Music Man Online has a large number of clothing and customization options. Moreover, the developers have added various additional features to the game. For example, a baby system here allows you to have a baby. There is also a story mode and a quest system that will teach you the basics and take you to the big stage. In addition, Music Man Online has a home ownership system.

Separately, it is worth noting the prettier graphics. It is based on its Flex3D engine, which provides unparalleled graphics quality for games of this kind.

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