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Myth of Soma
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Myth of Soma is an MMORPG in a "pseudo-3D" projection and the ability to fight bloodthirsty monsters in the style of Diablo 2. The project was launched in 2001 and was successfully completed in 2008, but this alignment did not suit the fans , which served to continue the game. At the moment, Myth of Soma is in a state of coma, this is due to the fact that no one plays it except for the fans, and if a random guest wanders in, he may be disappointed by the old graphics.

The gameplay includes two races, devils and humans, and free PvP is available with the familiar PK function, skill development, six types of weapons, a crafting system, guilds and race wars. Perhaps ten years ago, all of the above could have made an impression, but at the moment, Myth of Soma is like a zombie living off a few fans.

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