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Mytheon game overview

Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: June 1, 2010
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

Mytheon is an enthralling fantasy MMORPG developed by the renowned Petroglyph studio, offering both solo and cooperative gameplay modes. Set against the majestic backdrop of Ancient Greece, the narrative revolves around the gods of Olympus aiding humanity in their quest to vanquish malevolent forces through the use of mystical stones. These powerful artifacts significantly alter the dynamics of battles, enabling players to cleanse the lands either solo or with up to three friends.

The artifacts in Mytheon function as collectible spells, with over 130 unique spells available in the game. However, players can only carry five spells at a time, necessitating strategic selection and combination. For instance, pairing a cold spell that slows enemies with a poisonous aura that drains their HP can be devastating. Some spells allow the summoning of various creatures, while others can even materialize military structures on the battlefield.

Mytheon features 14 expansive locations and three PvP scenarios, making it ripe for exploration and group-on-group battles. These real-time battles are reminiscent of those seen in Titan Quest. The game offers three distinct classes, each with its own set of spells that can be crafted using special recipes found throughout the game. Despite its 2010 release, the graphics remain impressive and do not disappoint.

Mytheon was developed over a span of three years, targeting the MMO market and a broad audience of fantasy enthusiasts. The game supports multiple platforms, including PC and Mac. It was released in mid-2010 and has since garnered a dedicated player base. On a daily basis, approximately 5,000 players engage with the game, with an estimated annual player count of over 1.8 million. Since its release, Mytheon has amassed a player base of around 10 million.

MMOTOP.ORG Editorial Review

Mytheon offers a rich and immersive experience, blending elements of strategy and role-playing with a captivating storyline set in Ancient Greece. The game's use of collectible artifacts as spells adds a unique twist to the traditional MMO formula, encouraging strategic gameplay. The real-time battles are engaging, and the option to play solo or in co-op mode adds versatility.

However, the game is not without its flaws. While the graphics are commendable for a game released in 2010, they may not meet the high standards of today's gamers. Additionally, the limited number of spells one can carry may frustrate some players who prefer a broader arsenal at their disposal. The PvP scenarios, although well-designed, could benefit from more variety and complexity.

Overall, Mytheon is a solid entry in the MMO genre with a dedicated following. It scores a respectable 65 out of 100, balancing its unique features and engaging gameplay against its dated graphics and limited spell system.


What platforms is Mytheon available on?

Mytheon is available on both PC and Mac platforms.

How many spells can you carry in Mytheon?

Players can carry up to five spells at a time in Mytheon.

When was Mytheon released?

Mytheon was released in mid-2010.

How many players engage with Mytheon daily?

Approximately 5,000 players engage with Mytheon daily.

What is the overall player base of Mytheon?

Since its release, Mytheon has amassed a player base of around 10 million.

Game information last update: 06.05.2024

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