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Mytheon is a fantasy project from the famous Petroglyph studio, with the ability to play alone or with other players in co-op mode. The action of the game takes place in the vastness of Ancient Greece, where, according to the plot, the gods of Olympus decided to help people in destroying the power of all evil spirits walking here and there with the help of stones. Powerful artifacts instantly changed the course of battles, allowing players to start clearing the lands in the company of three friends or alone.

In fact, the artifacts themselves act as spells and are collectible. There are a little over 130 of them in the game, but you can only carry five of them with you. And here you should already think, because some spells can be combined, for example, slowing down with cold and a poisonous aura that devours the HP of enemies while they slowly approach you. Some spells allow you to summon various creatures to the battlefield, others even materialize military structures.

At the same time, 14 large locations and three PvP scenarios are available for exploration in Mytheon, making group-on-group battles possible. The battles themselves take place in real time and are similar to those in Titan Quest. There are three classes, each with its own set of spells, which can also be crafted by finding special recipes. The project, although it is an old one (released in 2010), but the graphic component in it does not depress in the slightest.

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