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Mythos game overview

Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: June 1, 2010
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
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After Blizzard released the first game about the famous Diablo in 1996, the gaming world has been filled with many Diablo-like projects of all kinds. The game discussed today also belongs to the category of such games. Perhaps the only difference between this project and the legendary Diablo is online status.

Game Overview

Mythos, developed by Flagship Studios and published by Redbana, is a captivating MMORPG that first saw the light of day in 2007. The game is supported on PC platforms, allowing a broad range of players to dive into its immersive world. Mythos was in development for approximately three years, aimed at both the Western and Eastern markets, and caters to fans of the action RPG genre. On average, Mythos attracts around 10,000 daily players, with an annual player base of approximately 3.6 million. Since its release, the game has amassed a loyal following of over 15 million players worldwide.

Game World

The game world of Mythos is called Ould, but there is nothing special and unique in it. We have seen all the elements of the game many times in other projects described on the MMOTOP.ORG website. In the world of Uld, all players start on Sky Island, which communicates with the outside world via large flying ships. Of course, communication with the outside world here looks very formal, since you will be traveling on airships during the loading screen. You will not see any seamlessness in this project.

Locations in the game world are quite small in size, so they play a supporting role to a greater extent. Each location has its own economic infrastructure, trading system and a small number of different monsters. In addition, there are portals that open the way to various underground and aboveground caves.

Character Creation

When creating a character, you choose a class, race, and gender. The game offers four races, namely humans, gremlins, cyclops, and satyrs. Humans are the main diplomats here, though like any other Diablo clone, diplomacy is at a fairly low level here. There is one rule here - whoever has the biggest baton, he is the best diplomat. There are only three classes in the game - Knight, Pyromancer, and Engineer. The Knight fights with everyone without sparing himself and at the same time can summon fighters, the Pyromancer is engaged in summoning and shooting, and the Engineer can blow up and summon. The balance in Mythos is looking a little shaky at the moment, and group interaction is still suffering. Therefore, many gamers try to engage in individual pumping.

Game Features

In addition to the online component, the project differs from Diablo in a serious bias towards the implementation of all kinds of quests. Destroying monsters makes it possible to gain experience points, though in a fairly small amount. In general, the development of the character looks very predictable. Base stats include Wisdom, Strength, Vitality, and Agility. In addition, there are three skill branches.


The equipment is distinguished by color differentiation, ranging from white to yellow. It once again confirms that in a society without division by the color of the pants there will be no goals. In addition, Mythos has traditional gem holes that can be used to upgrade weapons and armor. There is even an interesting analogue of the horadric cube, which in russian (the terrorist state) localization was called a puzzle. This item easily turns quantity into quality. There is also an achievement system in this game, for which serious rewards are offered in the form of various improvements to the characteristics. Therefore, here it is necessary to achieve all the goals that you see on your way.

Large-Scale Conflict

There is also a large-scale conflict in Mythos, in which two influential factions take part, such as Ordo and Taigan. They fight among themselves for influence in the world of Uld. You can choose a faction after completing a series of quests. At the same time, after passing a certain quest, it will be impossible to change sides. True, today all the political troubles here are only a static background. All PvP here is duel. All this greatly simplifies the life of the authors of the project, since it eliminates the need to deal with balancing.

Crafting System

The crafting system in Mythos is at a very high level. At the present stage, craft looks more like entertainment, although in the future it may become a necessity. There are as many as three branches of skills, which are divided into all sorts of sub-skills and skills. It is clear that you will not have enough experience points to improve all these skills, therefore, you will have to choose only those that you will need during the game. All this makes the game much more diverse.


The theme of microtransactions in Mythos also takes place. True, here it looks very democratic. They do not provide significant advantages, although in general the game becomes more enjoyable with them. In the store, you can purchase various auxiliary backpacks and reusable recognition stones. However, this will not greatly affect the gameplay.


Like most successful MMO projects, Mythos is constantly being improved and improved. For example, the authors are going to increase the maximum allowed level to 55 and at the same time add a new version of the PvE mode. This mode is an analogue of traditional survival. Here, players will need to protect the crystal from hordes of monsters attacking it, of which there are more than a dozen in the game. In the end, all this will lead to an increase in your rating. For lovers of hardcore, the developers will offer elite dungeons where extremely dangerous bosses will confront you. By the way, a lot of unique things will fall out of them.


In general, the Mythos project certainly deserves your attention, especially since its creators are planning to seriously expand the content in the very near future. The game is perfect for those who are looking for something to do before the release of Diablo 3.


Mythos brings a familiar yet refreshing experience to fans of the action RPG genre. Its online status sets it apart from its inspirations, adding a layer of multiplayer excitement. However, the game world feels somewhat generic, and the small size of the locations can limit the sense of exploration. Character creation offers some diversity, but the balance between classes needs improvement. The quest-focused gameplay is a nice touch, but the development of characters feels predictable. Equipment differentiation and crafting systems add depth, yet the PvP aspect is quite limited. Microtransactions are fairly balanced, which is a plus. Overall, Mythos has potential but falls short in several areas. We give it a score of 55 out of 100.


What platforms is Mythos available on?

Mythos is available on PC platforms.

When was Mythos released?

Mythos was released in 2007.

How many players does Mythos have?

Mythos has around 10,000 daily players and an annual player base of approximately 3.6 million. The game has amassed over 15 million players since its release.

Who developed and published Mythos?

Mythos was developed by Flagship Studios and published by Redbana.

Game information last update: 01.01.2024

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