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Review of the game Nal Online

Nal Online is the "grandson" of Japanese games. Nal Online is an Asian parody of the familiar mmorpg. More precisely, such a game is an excellent indicator of the ability of the Chinese to copy and clone everything known. It is further aggravated by the fact that this game is a clone of earlier clones of Asian games.

In this game, Chinese and Korean creators offer us a combat system that has already become boring to all mmorpg lovers, in which our hero simply turns into a "propeller". In addition, the game has 8 classes, Asian clothing style. The environment and textures are also made in a similar style. Unfortunately, despite all the novelty of the game, the graphics remained at the level of the 90s.

A cool story is part of the success

All the unusualness and absurdity of the game is slightly compensated by the opportunity to ride horses. However, Asians are strange people, and for them this game is of great interest only due to the presence of a relatively good plot. Unfortunately, the game has not yet been translated into European languages, so Western players still cannot appreciate its full power. If you want to know more interesting facts, then get acquainted with the games on the site MMOTOP.ORG.

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