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New Era is a fantasy browser project from a little-known G-TYPE studio that offers players Fight Club-style gameplay, but with a much more interesting picture. The plot in the game revolves around the Guardians (Gods), who have chosen to create for themselves a unique race of creatures. And so, in the universe of Aquilon, six races were born, which at first lived in the world. But a warrior who appeared out of nowhere managed to bring discord into peaceful coexistence, thanks to which now all races are ready to kill each other.

The gameplay starts with the choice of a hero of a race of interest to us, it can be a dwarf, a man, an elf, an orc, a vampire or a troll. Then, after the hero reaches level 8, we can choose one of the five classes, which are also further divided into five subclasses each, which together gives a lot of variety, allowing you to create a unique hero.

As for the combat system, it is presented in the form of classic strike / block, enriched with movement around the area. You can fight in eight types of battles, including castle wars, solo duels, simple skirmishes in the open world and battles for territories of influence. Among other features, one can note: a developed clan system, a large number of craft, mining and guild professions, racial unions and much more.

In general, if you are a fan of solid browser-based strategies, love good graphics and an abundance of content, then the world of the New Era project will help you brighten up boring hours at work or entertain you after hard days.

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