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New World game overview

New World
Platforms: PC
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions: Global
Game setting: Historical
Release date: September 28, 2021
Game class / Title: AAA
Game engine Custom
Amazon Game Studios
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Review of the game New World

New World is a massive fantasy multiplayer sandbox game from Amazon Game Studios.

The developers offer to forge their destiny together with other players in a living but hostile world. Players are given complete freedom of choice: what to do, who to be, how to build an economy and cities, for whom, and with whom to fight. New World is full of primal horrors, from classic beasts to fantasy creatures. Deal with them alone or team up for this with other players - it's up to you to decide.

The game takes place in North America in the 17th century, the period of colonization. This approach seems unusual and alluring against medieval fantasy and other traditional settings. The game features changing seasons, a weather system, and a dynamic daily cycle. These aspects are fundamental, especially the day/night cycle because there are different enemies at different times of the day.

Another essential detail is sieges and PvP. Since the forts of different clans are found everywhere, and there are more than 500 players on the servers, robbery is common. Moreover, after the death of the colonists, you can pick up all the loot in the inventory, but all the things on the characters will remain.

The Lumberyard engine is responsible for the technical part of the technologies, and the unique Amazon cloud technology is accountable for the server capabilities. According to the developers, it allows you to scale the world depending on the number of players and make it more complex and natural. Therefore, if you decide to conquer the whole island, and 500 more people live on it besides you, then only the most powerful and numerous clans will be able to do this task.

According to the developers, the main limitation is only your ambitions. New World has already gone to release and is distributed according to the buy-to-play model, a one-time purchase. Players pay a fixed price, go to the servers and play. Also, the authors do not plan to introduce loot boxes, pay-to-win elements, and charge for additional content.

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