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Night Crows game overview

Night Crows
Platforms: Android, iOS, PC
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions: Global
Game setting: Historical
Release date: March 12, 2024
Game class / Title: A
Game engine Unreal Engine 5
Wemade Entertainment
Free to Play

Night Crows is a cutting-edge MMORPG from the South Korean developer Wemade. It's a cross-platform title, available on both PC and mobile devices, harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 5 to bring to life a realistic medieval Europe setting.

A hallmark of the game is its traditional progression system, where the initial four classes branch out into eight subclasses. This system allows players to evolve their characters into more specialized and potent forms. Night Crows stands out for offering a unique and realistic combat experience. The game slows down the often exaggerated pace of combat, inviting players to enjoy "realistic actions" and "combat abilities". Enhanced impact sensations from hits, alongside impressive visual and audio effects, enrich the gameplay, making it more engaging and enjoyable.

An intriguing feature of Night Crows is the ability to navigate between land and air using a glider freelyr. This feature introduces strategic maneuvers such as hovering, rapid descent, and attacking from above, which can be crucial in large-scale battles.

The game features a massive battleground capable of hosting up to 1,000 players, where various tactics and map elevation differences come into play. This setup provides a more vibrant and thrilling battle experience beyond simple ground warfare.

Moreover, Night Crows offers an economic dimension through trade and personal transactions. An unlimited trading system supports the game's economy, even amidst warfare.

The game's slogan, "Deus Vult," encapsulates the players' ultimate goal: conquest and fortification, guild development, seizing power, and the unification of secular and sacred authority. Night Crows promises a unique and captivating gameplay experience, combining realistic graphics, a classic progression system, strategic maneuvers, and large-scale battles.

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