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Ninelives is an online fantasy open world RPG with an emphasis on story and character development.

So far, the game is focused on a single passage, but in the near future the introduction of a multiplayer mode is planned. The project positions itself as a simple RPG with unhurried pumping, the classic collection of resources and the discovery of new lands. Ninelives is developed under the leadership of a team of only two people - SmokymonkeyS.

Upgrading a hero in Ninelives is a search for new equipment, learning skills, but all this will not depend on the level of the character, because there is none here: neither things, nor creatures, nor players. You can wear anything, go anywhere and fight anyone without fear of losing. Dungeons and enemy habitats will change randomly with each new game.

The plot in the game world is a story that will be gradually told to you as you progress through the game. We are offered to fight monsters in different ways, for example, if you like action and battles, then by developing certain skills you can add hardcore to the game, but if the player wants to go in a more relaxed way, then the game can offer a more relaxed way by combining certain things and skills, without constant control of the character and the enemy.

Weapons and armor in Ninelives have random stats and an infinite number of types. They are also divided into rare and epic. Craft is present. Skills are distributed in the skill tree as you gain experience that requires a particular skill.

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