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NosTale is a free-to-play isometric MMORPG set in a fantasy setting with an anime twist. The game came to us from Asia and has been stable since 2009 thanks to its colorful design, an abundance of features and a simple but interesting plot.

At the beginning, each user must choose one of three classes between a warrior, an archer or a wizard, each of which has four development milestones. Then the game begins to introduce all the other elements that are typical for the MMORPG genre, namely: quests, development, trading, dungeons and group raids. As for the gameplay, especially for the children's audience, it was simplified as much as possible by the developers, which means that you will not see here an ordinary interface with a sea of ​​​​buttons like in browsers.

Another interesting point is the movement between locations. In order to get to the new territory, you will need to get a special specialist card by completing various quests. And if you are tired of swinging and completing tasks, then there is always the opportunity to buy your own island and start leading a sedentary lifestyle. You can also relax by participating in several cool mini-games.

In general, only the visual component and anime style can scare away NosTale, but otherwise it is a good old man in his genre, without chronic diseases and with whole teeth.

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