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Nova Raider
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Nova Raider is a cross-platform space MMORPG where players need to surf the galaxy in small starships, fight against a variety of monsters, piracy and earn money through trading and mining. In appearance, and in terms of gameplay, the project is quite reminiscent of Dark Orbit, which is well-known in the circles of browser lovers.

In the brainchild of Sublinet, players have the ability to have several spaceships at once and change them at will, adjusting to certain missions or battles. Absolutely all ships are divided into three types: Supports are used for support on the battlefield, they have an allied reinforcement module and are armed with drones; Tanks - large and clumsy, hung from head to tail with shields and strong armor, use electromagnetic projectiles and electronic jamming technologies in battle; Raiders are fast and deadly, have the best weapons available, but are quite vulnerable to enemy attacks.

The project is replete with a wide variety of monsters and minibosses, which, by the way, are best killed by a group. Among other PvE aspects, it is worth noting the possibility of building your own bases, as well as larger structures, together with other users. As for PvP, both 1v1 and guild versus guild fights are available to players.

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