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Apple has taken a major hit to its reputation. This, according to the site MMOTOP.ORG, was facilitated by the release of an exclusive project for the Macintosh in the MMORPG genre, which was released in 2007. This strange game is called Oberin, and its appearance can scare even the most devoted fan of the apple brand. In addition to disgusting graphics, the game is distinguished by the most primitive gameplay.

Gameplay Features

In Oberin, you will be offered three typical character classes - druid, cleric and wizard. Each hero has three main parameters - intelligence, accuracy and strength. The gameplay is based on primitive quests, which will not be interesting at all. And all this against the background of a terrible isometric projection and huge walking pixels as heroes. That is, the game is a real torture for any sane gamer.

The situation cannot be changed for the better even by an unusual system of magic spells, which are created here from a variety of ingredients. Many gamers may get the impression that the game was created only in order to settle some terrible viruses on Apple computers. Indeed, Oberin is not good for something good.

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