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Old Shamaal World is a domestic browser-based MMORPG created in fantasy style. From the first minutes of the game, she will offer gamers to choose a hero: a mage or a knight, it is also important to decide on the type of your activity, whether the player will participate in battles, hunt monsters or go to work in a forge, gather and so on. To successfully complete and complete tasks, it is necessary to increase the characteristics of the character: wisdom, physique, intelligence, strength and mobility. In addition, each player will be assisted by three types of skills: magic, combat and auxiliary. So, for example, combat skills will provide an opportunity to wield various types of weapons, auxiliary ones will open up additional opportunities (survival, hunting and military affairs, stealth, mysticism, shamanism, knowledge of runes and telepathy), magical ones will allow you to master various spells.

As for the currency with which you can buy weapons, armor or repair equipment, in Old Shamaal World gold is the currency, which can be earned in several ways: trading, killing players, participating in tournaments, gathering, increasing the level of the hero, or using crafting.

And now a little about clans. The game has three clans with different levels: brotherhood, community and order. Communities are the rank of the first level, Brotherhoods are highly developed, and the most powerful is the clan with the Order rank - it is able to influence the activities of the entire game.

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