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Once Bitten, Twice Dead is an online zombie-themed minecraft game. After reviewing the device and the options of the Unity engine, the developers came to the conclusion that it was necessary to create a simple shooter that would require twenty thousand Australian dollars, and you can get hold of them on Kickstarter. No sooner said than done, though only seven hundred dollars were collected, but this did not become an obstacle for the creators, but prompted them to move Once Bitten Twice Dead to the alpha assembly stage.

In this form, the game appeared in Steam Early Access, with a price tag of three American dollars. The developers are threatening to double the cost after the full release of the project.

So if you are a fan of pixels and zombies, then hurry up. For the above fee, the following bundle will be available to you: fifty types of weapons and zombies, fifteen characters, hunger and crafting systems, as well as servers with a capacity of up to one hundred people.

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