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One Piece Ultimate War
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Overview of the game One Piece Ultimate War

One Piece: Ultimate War is a browser-based Action/MMORPG based on the One Piece anime and manga created by the talented Japanese writer and artist Eiichiro Oda. The plot tells about the time when, on one of the islands, the young adventurer Luffy "Straw Hat" decides to become a pirate, conquer the Grand Line and find the treasure hidden by the Pirate King himself.

In the game you will see all the familiar characters, and you will also be able to fight with the familiar enemies of the Straw Hats. Initially, there are three classes of both male and female characters to choose from. These are Sniper, Navigator and Blademaster. They all use weapons and skills familiar from the anime/manga series. At the end of character creation, we find ourselves in an open world and begin our journey to the Grand Line. Of course, traveling alone is a disastrous business, so we will need Nakama, who can be hired in a special Tavern.

Combat in One Piece: Ultimate War is spectacular. In the course are both automatic strikes and beautifully animated skills. There is a system of bonuses for regular entry into the game and active participation in various contests. In his free time from battles, the user is free to choose the formation of interest to him, so as not to endanger navigators and snipers. An interesting feature is that the distribution of heroes and their combinations are different for different opponents.

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