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Order & Chaos Online game overview

Order & Chaos OnlineOrder & Chaos Online
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: March 31, 2011
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

Order & Chaos Online is an expansive MMORPG game developed by the renowned studio Gameloft, designed for both PC and Mobile platforms. This game immerses players in a rich fantasy world filled with diverse features including intricate PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment) modes. As a massive multiplayer online game, it allows players to engage in large-scale battles, form alliances, and explore vast landscapes teeming with adventure.

Launched on April 27, 2011, Order & Chaos Online has been distributed globally free of charge by Gameloft. The game supports multiple languages, providing a more inclusive experience for players worldwide. The development of Order & Chaos Online spanned over two years, targeting a broad market of fantasy and MMORPG enthusiasts. It was crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a captivating and immersive gameplay experience. The game is accessible for download via the official website, providing players with an easy entry point into its magical world.

Order & Chaos Online boasts a robust player base, with approximately 50,000 daily active players and over 18 million players engaging annually. Since its release, the game has amassed a substantial player base, with millions of downloads and a thriving community of dedicated gamers. The support for both PC and mobile platforms has significantly contributed to its widespread popularity.


Order & Chaos Online is a well-crafted MMORPG that offers a depth of content and engaging gameplay. The fantasy setting is beautifully illustrated, and the game mechanics are smooth and intuitive, making it accessible for both new and veteran players. The variety of classes and races provides ample customization options, allowing players to create unique characters that suit their playstyle.

However, the game does have its drawbacks. The in-game economy can sometimes feel imbalanced, and there are occasional issues with server stability, particularly during peak times. Additionally, while the game is free to play, some players may find the in-app purchases necessary to progress at a competitive pace.

Overall, Order & Chaos Online offers a solid MMORPG experience with plenty of content to explore. While it may not reach the heights of the genre's top titles, it remains a popular and enjoyable game. MMOTOP.ORG gives Order & Chaos Online a score of 56 out of 100.


Is Order & Chaos Online free to play?

Yes, Order & Chaos Online is free to play, though it does offer in-app purchases for additional content and enhancements.

What platforms support Order & Chaos Online?

The game is available on both PC and Mobile platforms, including iOS and Android devices.

When was Order & Chaos Online released?

Order & Chaos Online was officially released on April 27, 2011.

How many players does Order & Chaos Online have?

The game has approximately 50,000 daily active players and more than 18 million players annually.

Game information last update: 25.05.2024

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