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Order of Mages
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Order of Mages is a colorful MMORPG with good graphics and fast-paced Hack'n'Slash style combat.

The plot is based on a centuries-old war between seven races inhabiting a world fragrant in flowers, which was attacked by the leader of the demons with his vast army. In the current situation, the population needs to learn not to be at enmity, but to unite in the fight against a new powerful enemy.

You will be given the opportunity to prove yourself as a brave hero who joined the Order of Mages, who protects people.

As for the gameplay features, smooth animation combined with good graphics, in which three-dimensional characters move through detailed two-dimensional locations, high-speed battles on the map, many skills, followed by their use and combination, PVP fights in special locations, the ability to use pets for movement on land and air, a variety of gameplay, from completing tasks and participating in clans to boss battles - will not leave you indifferent.

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