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Overview of the game Oz World

Despite its name, the Oz World project has almost nothing to do with Ellie, a girl who travels along a yellow brick road. Oz World is a real life simulator where you can develop your virtual ego by walking around the city, meeting friends and dressing up. In the game, you can get your own home, which you furnish to your taste. In this house you can sit and look at the plain walls, wasting your free time. Although, in such games, time is usually squandered in approximately the same way.

Project Features

The project is made in anime style, which often indicates not the highest quality graphics. Oz World includes a game world with several major cities with many entertainment options. There are both dance clubs and branded clothing boutiques. In addition, if you wish, you can visit a hairdresser, beauty salon or even an electronics store. Therefore, Oz World is a real paradise for virtual shoppers.

Ways to earn money

The only normal way to earn money is fishing and similar pursuits. All nearby bodies of water contain many players with spinning rods and fishing rods. However, if you do not want to fish, then you can pay a few dozen evergreens or simply put your virtual home up for sale. If you accumulate enough funds, you can easily get married and live in the same house with your chosen one. However, this is where all the features of the game end.


In general, Oz World is almost uncompetitive compared to other social games. It features weak content, rustic graphics, an in-game store with expensive prices, and many other unpleasant things. Who plays such games is still unknown. Therefore, for fans of social projects, it is better to take Dom 3 and Para Pa.

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