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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen game overview

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen
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Overview of the game Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is a fantasy MMORPG with an open, rich world filled with heroes, deities, and enemies. Here, the developers tried to focus on the complex and social aspects of the gameplay, such as groups and guilds, the formation of new relationships, earning a reputation, and an active combat system.

The beginning of the game takes place at the very height of the war, when the deities and various races, having formed massive empires, unleashed a battle for power. The plot of Pantheon will be revealed to the player not gradually but as he interacts with the world. The developers promise not ordinary routine quests that force users to run from place to place but a full-fledged story passage in the sandbox style. There will be no icons above your head, and it will become possible to take the quest only after negotiations with the NPC on the desired topic, and at first, you will have to talk to him (yes, this is a full-fledged RPG!).

In addition to the classic fantasy races and classes, the world of Terminus, formed from the collision of various spheres and planets, also has races of celestial deities. Nine races and 12 courses are divided into roles: heal, tank, damage dealer, and crowd control.

As for other aspects of the game, here we are promised a classic but active target system, the ability to use macros, epic quests, groups of up to 8 players and raid trips, crafting, building your own home, and the absence of instances as such. As you may have noticed, the game is focused mainly on PvE content and the social component. However, according to information from Visionary Realms, PvP will also come shortly, up to the introduction of separate PvP servers.

Overall, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen should turn out to be quite a hardcore game, with beautiful Unity3D graphics, thoughtful lore, exciting features, and mechanics in the spirit of classic MMOs and honed to perfection. Will Visionary Realms be able to bring all their ideas to life or not? We will get the answer to this question at the end of 2016, beginning of 2017 when the project enters the first closed beta testing stage.

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