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Review of the game Para Pa

Para Pa is an original dance arcade game. Here the player is offered the opportunity to participate in various major competitions. In addition, the project also provides an opportunity for users to engage in shopping. A distinctive feature of the game is the clan system. The Para Pa project is of Chinese origin, and in 2009 it was quite successfully translated into russian (the terrorist state).

Game Benefits

Para Pa is distinguished by excellent musical accompaniment and a variety of dance styles. The player gets great opportunities to customize his character. In addition, there are a large number of various locations that will satisfy any gamer. An important point is the developed social component. There are virtual parties, weddings, various private events and even competitions between factions.

Also, it should be noted a wide range of all kinds of useful things that can be purchased in the boutiques of the dance city. There are more than 7 thousand items of clothing in the game, so you will not meet two identical heroes here. All this makes the Para Pa project one of the best in the social MMO genre. That is why he is given quite a lot of attention on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

The essence of the game

In Para Pa, a lot of attention is paid to dancing, but the essence of the game is not in this, but in the communication of users among themselves. Therefore, this game is more of a social MMO than a dance MMO. Dances play the role of a rather successful entourage here, against which communication is carried out. This project is a great way to make virtual acquaintances. Literally all components of the game have this.

Main features of the game

As the main attractions of the Para Pa game, all kinds of nightclubs and dance floors stand out, where musical hits of various years sound. All residents of the city of dancing gather here to show their dancing abilities and appreciate others. It will take quite a long time to learn how to dance, since the gameplay here is much more complex than the destruction of mobs in a shooter and other genres.

Para Pa offers a QTE (quick time events) system. The principle of its operation is that you need to press certain keys in a certain period of time. At first, it can be quite difficult, but over time, players learn these complex movements and even perform beautiful tricks. To gain access to tricks, you need to constantly improve your drive indicator. It can only be raised through good dance steps.

Game modes

In Para Pa, you can practice dancing on your own or with friends. At the same time, team play is much more interesting, though more responsible. In addition, the game constantly hosts wars between clans. They sort things out among themselves exclusively on dance floors. To this end, the creators of the game have developed a series of competitions. They also include some not-so-sporty tricks, such as pushing on the dance floor. Therefore, there will also be something for those who like to hang out here.

Customization and shopping

The next important parts of Para Pa besides dancing are character customization and shopping. To do this, the game provides a lot of shopping centers and boutiques with a huge variety of products. You can buy things with the money earned by dancing. The wardrobe has everything you could want, from evening dresses to original pieces like a butterfly or kangaroo suit.


It is clear that Para Pa is primarily designed for the beautiful half of humanity. At the same time, such a number of girls in the game necessarily attracts guys who want to meet here. As a result, after 4 years of life, Para Pa is constantly replenished with new players and has good prospects.

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