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Path of the EmperorKingdom Heroes 2 Online game overview

Path of the EmperorKingdom Heroes 2 Online
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Historical
Release date: January 1, 2017
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Aeria Games
Free to Play

The plot of this game is based on events in the era of Ancient China. Specifically, we are talking about the events of that period when several warriors who were not versed in politics decided to establish their power in the country. As a result, China broke up into three separate kingdoms, which began to fight with each other. In addition, they also fought against the so-called yellow bands, namely the bloodthirsty landscapes. The Chinese called this period the Three Kingdoms, which became the basis for many online games. The online RPG project Path of the Emperor (English version - Kingdom Heroes) is dedicated to this topic.

The essence of the game

In the early stages, the game is a typical MMORPG. Here you are offered one of four character classes such as wizard, warrior, hunter and tactician. After that, you will be able to accept one of three factions. This project has one interesting feature, which was noted on the MMO website13. This feature applies to mass battles. In the Path of the Emperor game, each player can form their own small army. You get your first fighter right after you start the game. After that, all events become even more interesting.

Fighter Management

You can manage your mini-army only through a special interface. Here you can choose certain options for tactical formation, as well as set a specific model of behavior in battle. At this stage, you will be able to train each of your mercenaries with various useful skills. In addition, it will need to be equipped accordingly. After your soldiers reach level 60, you will immediately be forced to choose a profession. Therefore, you will have to decide for yourself who is of great value to you - doctors, archers, melee warriors or siege weapon specialists. Next, you must decide which combination will be more acceptable for you in battle. To the delight of many users, in the Path of the Emperor game you will be able to have three armies available, which you can control in turn. Of course, in order to provide this army, you will need to use a lot of funds. Although, it's certainly worth it.

Hero Development

Hero progression in Path of the Emperor is nothing special. In particular, an absolutely legal mechanism for leveling heroes on macros is available here. After you've gone through a short setup session, you'll be able to leave your army at a specific location and just go to sleep. At the same time, your soldiers will be engaged in the independent destruction of monsters. They use various bottles in parallel and collect loot from killed enemies. Therefore, you only have to periodically enter the game and empty your backpacks.

Battles between kingdoms

In the Path of the Emperor project, battles between kingdoms take place twice a week. At the same time, borders are opened and each of the groups becomes an enemy to each other. You can capture any city on the map. This can be done by demolishing defensive structures, entrance gates and defenders directly. At the same time, those who are not lucky enough to participate in these battles will also have something to do. For this purpose, catapults or siege weapons should be dragged under the walls. To acquire them, you will not only have to spend a lot of money, but also complete a lot of quests. That is, in between mass battles, game life also goes on as usual.


All in all, Path of the Emperor is sure to appeal to all those who are crazy about exciting large-scale battles. Indeed, factional battles in this game look very interesting and original. Managing your army here is very easy and understandable. Therefore, if not for the average graphics, then a real hit would have come out of this project.

Game information last update: 04.02.2024

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