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Path of the HeroHero Lord
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Hero's Journey Game Review

The Hero's Journey is a free-to-play, isometric, 2D, browser-based MMORPG from Esprit Games, this time in a fantasy setting with a touch of steampunk. In the game you will meet all the same warriors with big breasts, a large number of different mounts and four classic character classes (warrior, mage, archer and assassin). As for the graphics, it is on top here: all the details of clothing, the game world and characters are drawn to the smallest detail, so there are no complaints about this aspect.

You can play alone, in groups or in guilds. Battles in the Hero's Path are automatic, we can only choose active skills, change equipment with weapons and improve it. The complexity of the game directly depends on the so-called "hero points", the sum of which is the sum of the equipment indicators and the character's level, so the more points, the more likely it is to win in PvP or successfully pass the instance.

In general, the Hero's Way can be called an ordinary browser in which you will see what has already been in hundreds of other similar games. And it’s quite simple to explain why people still play such games: it’s either a time-tested scheme of the “ideal” browser-based MMORPG, or the usual simplicity and weak hardware of users.

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