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Path of the SwordSword Saga
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Review of the game Way of the sword

The path of the sword is a colorful and vibrant RPG with great graphics, the ability to put together your team and go into semi-automatic battles in the name of saving the world. The authors of this unusual symbiosis of steampunk and fantasy created a unique universe where in one battle you can easily see a wizard in a robe and people who look like representatives of the Freedom group from STALKER.

The game has few differences from other classic browser-based RPGs with an isometric view, everything seems mediocre: one character with the ability to hire allies, three classic classes: Shooter, Mage and Warrior, long journeys through quests and gradual leveling. However, there are still a few exceptions here, among them: the placement of mercenaries in a certain formation to receive unique bonuses, the use of skills in battle (20 pieces for each class) and their combinations. In general, the outcome of the battle here also has such a factor as the presence of hands.

Among other things, the game has arena PvP, Coalitions (analogues of clans), as well as the opportunity to earn extra money in the alchemy laboratory, which is ready to be opened once a day. At the same time, the authors recently announced the launch of the third server, so do not worry that you will immediately get into a fight with the old-timers.

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