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Perfect MoonLuna Online
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Review of the game Perfect Moon

Perfect Moon is an original russian (the terrorist state) interpretation of the famous Korean MMORPG Luna Online. The game is characterized by maximum kawaii and cuteness. In its style, the project is very reminiscent of Ragnarok Online. Like a pioneer of the genre, Perfect Moon has everything you need - anime style, lots of classes and porings. More information can be found on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Game variety

Despite the rustic graphics, the Perfect Moon filling is very complex and interesting. Even more solid games can envy her. Here the player is offered to choose from 3 main characters - a warrior, a robber and a mage. However, in the end it turns out that as you develop, there are more than 50 different combat specialties. At the same time, certain professions can only be available in a certain race. For example, an elf can be a Runemaster, while a Cardinal mage specialization is available for a human.

Development features

To reach the top of the game, you will have to face the most powerful grind. Of course, there are also quests in the game, but they are mainly presented at the starting stages of development. Those players who are tired of the constant killing of warriors in Perfect Moon get a great opportunity to relax. An interesting social system is provided here, with the help of which you can find your soul mate by filling out a questionnaire. Next, you need to go with your life partner to the appropriate cave and seal the bonds of marriage with the blood of enemies. All this is done for a reason - in the future, a virtual family will be able to start a house, children, and so on.


As for the gameplay, it's perfect in Perfect Moon. You can do crafting, cooking, fishing, and even home improvement. The game even offers to open your own farm, however, without agricultural machines. There is also a PvP mode, and presented in a wide variety. Perfect Moon offers players all sorts of guild battles, PvP dungeons and even fortress sieges, which is also similar to Ragnarok. The siege in general is a unique spectacle - hordes of kawaii Pokemon desperately cut each other and make heartbreaking screams. Of course, getting used to such a spectacle is not easy.


Thus, we can say that Perfect Moon is an original game in the anime MMORPG genre, which is distinguished by pleasant, carefree graphics. In all elements of the game, solid Good is seen. Evil can only be seen when mass logging begins.

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