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Review of the game Perpetuum online

Developers from Avatar Creations have introduced a product called Perpetuum online to the market. If you have played EVE Online, then you can easily see that these games are very similar to each other. That this project, that this one is like a space sandbox. The only difference is that in EVE Online you can surf the open spaces, driving a ship, and here you are under control of robots plowing forests and fields on an incomprehensible planet.

About guns

All that distinguishes the game from EVE Online is the presence of robots and a solid earth surface. Every other aspect of the game is blatantly copied from EVE. The www.MMOTOP.ORG site team invites you to figure out for yourself whether this is good or bad. And here and there we have electromagnetic weapons, rocket launchers, artillery, and also hybrid weapons. Physics divides all weapons into 2 types: electronic and conventional. For tricky things, the game provides: radar detectors, energy neutralizers, retarders, and so on. In normal shelling, the speed of the target, its movement, direction, track on the radar and much more, in general, everything that players could experience in EVE Online waggles. Also in the game there is a bench system, wars for the control of certain territories, the ability to pump skills offline and a single large server.

By gameplay

As we already understood, Perpetuum Online is a clone game. Yet there are significant differences as well. For example, in the game, due to the fact that the surface is solid and earthy, players have the opportunity to use the terrain and obstacles to their advantage. Without making the main emphasis on trees that are born, grow and die, the game also has such a feature as cross-country ability. For robots, it is important that the path of movement is clean and smooth, otherwise their speed of movement will slow down significantly. Well, the battles themselves here look much more dynamic than in EVE. The robots are controlled through the WASD keys, which gives more maneuverability and flexibility. When it comes to mass wars, the player will need to make the most of the help from their friends in the game, which gives the game a greater chance of gaining experience and additional skills.


Now there are at most a hundred people playing on the server. The game has not become overly popular, and the developers, as we can see, most likely are not going to fix this. In general, there are many factors that could affect popularity and perhaps even money, but, alas. There is currently nothing to do in the game.

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