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Phantasy Star Online 2
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Release date: July 14, 2012
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Review of the game Phantasy Star Online 2

The idea of ​​the Phantasy Star game was born back in 1987. At that time, people did not know about 3D games, and the word Internet was probably pronounced only outside the walls of the Pentagon. Probably, even the developers did not realize that everything would change radically soon. The game began to compete with the Japanese Final Fantasy series seriously, and for all the time, four parts for a single game were released, as well as one online version.

Main storyline

Before the first part of the PSO, the game had time to collect all the laurels. The developers immediately started talking about creating the second one. The owners of the Dreamcast console could evaluate the first one, and this, by the way, was the distant 2001. But it turned out that the second part after that was released only in 2012, and then only for residents of Japan.

As for the plot, according to tradition, there is everything to save the universe from a rapidly spreading incomprehensible "infection" that appeared from nowhere. Everything is simple and standard: a long sword on your back, a company of anime sci-fi samurai, and many hours of traveling through dungeons.

About gameplay

In terms of gameplay, the game is almost the same as the first part. You will also complete quests, defend dungeons and spend a lot of time on it in randomly generated locations. It is worth paying attention to fights with mobs. Here the weather may suddenly change, and opponents may appear who have an ample supply of health and against whom it will be necessary to withstand a certain amount. Combat mechanics have undergone significant changes. First, the hero learned to jump, and the game's combo system has been noticeably improved.

The game has three base classes: Ranger, Force, and Hunter. You can freely switch classes, but they need to be upgraded separately. In addition to the three base classes, PSO2 has hybrid and advanced courses.

Own estate and assistant mages

Tired of long fights and bloodshed - build a house. Phantasy Star Online 2 provides the ability to have a home, as well as the ability to equip it the way you want. If you're a fan of map trekking with pets, you'll be pleased to know that at level 5, you will have a mage assistant. It can also be upgraded and used in combat.

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