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Phoenix Dynasty 2 Review

Phoenix Dynasty 2 is a classic MMORPG project. The game was developed by Ntroy LTD and fully translated into English from Chinese, thanks to which the players finally understood what the items in the in-game store give...

Phoenix Dynasty 2 is the epitome of pay2win, offering costumes, hair, and other cosmetic items with stat boosts for 30 days, after which they must be restored. Also, for real money, there is an afk-bot for pumping in dungeons (cleans dungeons while you are offline), speeding up mounts and even simple gold. But if you close your eyes to the robbery of users, then you can talk about the features. Among them, autopath and autoboy stand out, as in browser games, there is also a royal battle mode, where you can get up to 7 times a day, a lot of instances and equipment.

In general, the project could justify itself if it was released on the browser platform, but not on Steam. Therefore, Phoenix Dynasty 2 is unlikely to gain popularity, at least among normal players.

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