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Review of the game Pirates of Burning Sea

Creating pirate-themed games has always been a rather difficult task. Especially if you plan to combine pirates and the fantasy world. To do this, the studio needs to have really talented specialists. Flying Labs had plenty of such specialists, which led to the creation of an excellent MMOG game called Pirates of Burning Sea. You can read more about the game on the MMOTOP.ORG website. In terms of the parameters of the game world and gameplay, the game is very close to Corsairs 4. The difference is a significantly enlarged game world and the presence of a large number of real players.

Character Creation

At the beginning of the game, you have to decide on the appearance of your character. The game offers huge opportunities for changing the appearance, from the shape of the face to clothing. There is no such diversity even in PlanetSide. In the next step, the player chooses which side he will play on. Pirates of Burning Sea offers four options - the British, the Spaniards, the French and the actual pirates. Every nation, except for pirates, of course, has three classes of heroes - privateer, merchant and officer. At the same time, a privateer can capture other people's ships, having the permission of the authorities for this. Pirates have one universal class that fits everything.

Game Modes

Pirates of Burning Sea includes three main game modes. One of them is a game on a large global map, where players can move over long distances. In this mode, it is possible to fight not only with NPCs, but also with other players. Such a global mode even provides for individual skills. For example, pirates have the opportunity to develop a skill that reduces the range of their detection. For battles in the second mode, there are smaller locations that are more reminiscent of the maps in the legendary Corsairs. Here your ship maneuvers calmly and fires more slowly. In this case, you can use the appropriate skills. The third mode provides movement with a third-person view. It is needed in order to travel around cities or take enemy ships for boarding.

Game progress

At the beginning of the game, there is nothing for users to indicate the need to team up. A light and relatively calm atmosphere reigns here, during which the player is preparing for more serious events. The social component of the game gradually comes to the fore only to the 30th level. Just then, the player begins to think about what to do after gaining maximum experience. Pirates of Burning Sea offers an excellent PvP mode for this, which is the main cornerstone of the game.

All ports in the game are shared between the opposing sides. At the same time, each faction is trying in every possible way to expand its sphere of influence. However, it is quite difficult to conquer even one city. First of all, for this you need to destroy all the ship NPCs that float in the harbor. Only after that the location becomes a real field for naval battles in PvP mode. At the same time, the port becomes available for assault. The winners of such battles get a lot of useful resources and items, as well as the ability to build heavier and more modern ships.

Battles at sea

In Pirates of Burning Sea, not only the assault on ports plays an important role, but also battles at sea. This is due to the fact that the PvP mode here has its own strict laws. In case of defeat, you will completely lose the ship, and the enemy will capture all the valuable cargo. At the same time, the battles look very beautiful and exciting. To win, you need to learn to guess the situation in advance, which is associated with the low speed of the ships. It is very important to choose the right position, since on almost all ships the guns are located on the sides. Vessel damage is calculated immediately from four projections. Therefore, it is absolutely not necessary to fire at the enemy from all sides. In addition, it is very important to choose the right ammunition, since each type of ammunition has its own characteristics. For example, cannonballs contribute to causing the most damage, buckshot can destroy the ship's crew, while knippels slow down the movement of the ship.


Each class of ships has its own specific builds that significantly affect the game style. For example, you can develop mainly the speed of the ship, you can increase the speed or accuracy of fire, you can improve the ability of boarding. No less diverse is the development on land. There are three combat schools, each of which has several dozen skills. Each of the skills has a certain level of "initiative". It is not infinite, and therefore the choice of skills should be carried out taking into account the need.


Pirates of Burning Sea game will appeal to fans of sea adventures or exciting PvP battles. In general, the game should appeal to many due to its originality and entertainment. Especially it will be relevant and fresh against the background of monotonous battles between people, elves, orcs and various evil spirits.

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