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Review of the game Piratia online

The reason for the popularity of MMORPGs in many countries of the world is still a mystery. Although, in fact, the answer lies in the field of psychology. It turned out that the unfinished business is practically not forgotten, while the successfully completed one is easy to forget. This is what makes people play MMORPGs, as these games never end. This phenomenon is used by all developers of games of this genre, which has been repeatedly written on the MMOTOP.ORG website. One of the projects created according to this scenario was Piratia Online.

Game Features

Although, it should be noted that this game is still less exciting than Lineage II or Aion. This is due to the fact that the developers decided not to be based on the main principle of creating all games of the MMORPG genre and did not fill the game with content to the eyeballs. As a result, one of the main distinguishing features of Piratia Online has become a clear minimalism, which is felt immediately at the start.

You can choose from only four character options that are not divided into races. In addition, the number of modifications in the game is also limited. Also, the hero class has a very rigid attachment to gender. For example, if you want to become a swordsman, then you need to choose a kingpin, and if you want to use magic, then you will have to choose a female character. As a result, it turned out that Piratia Online provides four standard classes plus six improved ones.

The same minimalism is observed in other components of the game. There are only 15 skills in character development, and the world itself is quite average in size. And yet, it will take more than one hour to cross it. In addition to the main three continents, the game has hidden locations, which, however, are much smaller than the continents.

Game Benefits

And yet, the Piratia Online game has its advantages, which will surely make you play it for hundreds of hours. Despite the small size of the game world and a meager arsenal of weapons, the gameplay is distinguished by its diversity. At each stage of development there will be something new and interesting. For example, the initial period will be based on the hunt for New Parchments. When these parchments expire, you will gain access to the Lost City. Here you already have the opportunity to participate in battles between players.

At the next stage, the development of a new profession will become available, and after that you will be able to join one of the guilds. After that, new cities will become available, where you will need to search for runes. All this will be accompanied by battles for survival. Toward the end of the game, you will become the owner of a hand fairy. In general, Piratia Online will not let you get bored, which is its main advantage. Therefore, all its shortcomings can be simply neglected.

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