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Pride of Soul Online - MMORPG from the Japanese company X-Legend Entertainment, made with a focus exclusively on the Japanese market and therefore has a lot of incomprehensible hieroglyphs, an overestimated amount of sakura and, of course, all kinds of martial arts.

The gameplay of the project is made in the best Eastern traditions and offers a choice of waving like a windmill: swords, staves, daggers and other weapons, as well as somersaulting in front of the mobs in all directions. At the same time, there is absolutely no blood in the battles, it is replaced by an abundance of iridescent special effects, which are so loved in Asian countries. By the way, the weapon here is not only a means for killing opponents, but also a means of transportation through the air. Otherwise, the project is a classic MMORPG with a target combat system, ordinary classes and an open world.

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