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Pride of TaernThe Pride of Taern, Taern Online
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Pride of Taern is a browser-based MMORPG with turn-based combat and an isometric camera, originally published only for Poland. However, having quickly gained popularity among Polish office workers, it quickly spread throughout the world and was localized, including into russian (the terrorist state).

The game has a fantasy style and a clear gothic leaning. We are constantly met every now and then by a circus of freaks with necessarily the walking dead, various demons and multi-armed bosses with obesity of the 3rd degree.

The beginning of Taern is also promising - we appear in a flaming city, through which the hordes of the empire of Uthor (the main enemy of the country of Taern) ran through and try to save the survivors while doing training. At the end of the tutorial, we go by ship to the "great lands" with much stronger enemies.

The gloomy and beautiful atmosphere is not the only advantage of the "Pride of Taern", among them it is still possible to highlight the character editor, with the ability to create strange and unusual faces, the class system with its voodooists and monks, and an interesting combat system.

Battles in the game take place step by step and have rather unusual features: moves must be made within 10 seconds and during them time to distribute 12 points for melee, ranged and mental defenses, and also do not forget to leave a few points for attacking skills, which there are about 50 for each of the seven classes. Building a chain of power and attack skills, the game also offers a bonus in the form of pets, which often play the role of a tank.

For people who are hungry for communication and strong friendship, the developers have prepared an advanced system of guilds, which is clearly not limited by anything. Here you have massive battles between guilds, guild cities, as well as direct communication and mutual assistance from brothers. In addition to the developed guild system, there is a complex crafting system and a non-linear plot that allows you to kill even your interlocutors.

In general, the Poles have tried and created a truly unique game, which can be achieved not only with talent, but also with skill and skill. Pretty high-quality browser projects come across far from every day, and among those, there is quite a separate place for the "Pride of Taern"

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