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The Prince of Darkness is a fantasy browser-based MMORPG that came to us from Asia under the strict guidance of the publishing house. The plot here revolves around the constant war of two kingdoms, but which of them will win will be decided by the players in global wars and inter-server battles 1v1 and 3v3.

Among the interesting features, it is worth highlighting a pleasant combination of open PvP and various PvE content, which allows both the destroyers of all life in their path and peaceful users to enjoy the game. There is also a simple, 10-minute tutorial on how to fight, participate in events, upgrade your hero, mounts, unique items, and more. There are three classes in the game so far - this is a grunt, a shaman and a magician. The first is an ordinary warrior, the second is a healer, and the third has a number of magical spells that deal damage.

In general, the Prince of Darkness is a good option for spending leisure time, especially considering the novelty of the project, and therefore the small number of donated items. Graphics and animation are also at their best here, so even on the oldest computers you can enjoy a beautiful picture.

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