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Review of the game Priston Tale 2

Despite the fact that the previous version of the Priston Tale project has not yet left the stage, its developers have already begun to develop a sequel to Priston Tale 2. Recall that the original was released in 2001 and we have already written about it more than once on the MMOTOP.ORG website. Various outcasts continue to play it.

Sequel Features

In principle, nothing has changed significantly in the sequel compared to the original. There is almost the same set of classes, a kind of pumping mode, fortress siege and traditional pvp. The only significant change in the game is the graphics, which are better than the original. The picture has become much better, as the new Unreal Engine is now responsible for it.


The plot of the game Priston Tale 2 tells about the evil demon Midrand. This demon, as it should be according to the law of the genre, lives off the suffering of all living beings. In order to increase this suffering, the demon set the inhabitants of the large continent of Preston against each other. Part of one of the opposing armies decided to stand out and destroy the crazy demon. The player will have to join these heroes and search for the mysterious Enigma weapon. With the help of this weapon, they plan to deal with the destruction of Midrand.

Gameplay Features

In many respects, the game practically does not differ from the original. There are two races and five traditional classes. In addition, Priston Tale 2 offers a rather interesting weapon upgrade system. The developers decided not to limit themselves to standard sharpening, and therefore decided to prepare three options for improving weapons and armor at once. The first option is called aging, helping to permanently upgrade a certain item. The second direction of weapon modernization involves the use of various seals that can be activated during battles and give an advantage for an hour. The third improvement option in the form of special spheres is the shortest, giving a certain boost only for some ten minutes.

Combat system

In addition, in Priston Tale 2, the developers managed to implement a rather interesting seesaw system. It provides for the decrease in the effectiveness of certain skills with a decrease in the frequency of their use. The mechanics of the gameplay is based on the battles of real players between themselves, both alone and with entire clans. All these fights take place in specially designated combat locations. In terms of the combat system, Priston Tale 2 is in many ways similar to Lineage II. Therefore, fans of mass battles will feel here like a fish in water. This game is unlikely to become a serious competitor for Lineage II. Although, many people might like it.

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